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Headed to SxSW this week? So are we — don’t be a stranger!


This sounds like a nice networking event for all of you music lovers out there. Guess who will be in attendance..that’s right, yours truly.

The Blog

South by Southwest Interactive kicks off this Friday, March 8, and you know Automattic will be there! Whether you need some help with your site, want to learn about the future of blogging, or just want to boogie down with a beer and some barbeque, we’ve got you covered — come say hello, because we’d love to put a face to your blog.

Happiness Bar

Made in Texas

Have questions about WordPress? Our Happiness Engineers have answers, and they love sharing ’em. Swing by the WordPress Happiness Bar — booth 725 at the Trade Show, Sunday, March 10 through Wednesday, March 13; look for the “Born in Texas” banner — and we can troubleshoot your site, give you a quick tutorial, or just share why we think WordPress is the best CMS around.

You can also pick up some swag to show off your WordPress pride, and turn yourself into an animated GIF…

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Hello world!


I’m not bossy. I just want things done right… If that is constituted as being bossy Idk what to tell you.

So let me get this straight, you want me to help you? What’s in it for me? Many times this is the attitude in which we have accepted with open arms. What ever happened to giving without intent of recieving? Helping others in need because it is a part of human nature. Seems like we are living amongst zombies every time I turn on the news, acting off impulse.  Like wild animals in a jungle and it’s survival of the fittest. In terms of the hip-hop world, “eat or get ate!” You know that little organ in your chest that pumps? The culprit responsible for that last wreck of a relationship you had? Yeah, Hello!? It’s called a heart. If you have one, hold on to it and don’t let go. It’s a cold world boys and girls, and only getting colder.